What should I expect during ketamine

Our nurse will start an IV in your arm and give you an amount of ketamine determined by Dr. Fleming based on your body weight.This is not enough to put you to sleep and you will remain awake. Most people feel a pleasant floating sensation but others feel something odd like an “out of body experience”. This experience will likely be somewhat different for you during each of the sessions. It is the whole series of sessions that lead to improvement, not the experience during the session. Once the 40 minute infusion is complete, the immediate effects of ketamine end rather rapidly. There are not usually any delayed “flashbacks” and patients are usually able to travel with 15 to 30 minutes following the end of the IV infusion session. Please remember you may not drive even if you do feel normal.e therapy?

Each Ketamine treatment session lasts about 40 minutes in a comfortable treatment room accompanied by a skilled RN who will monitor your condition and help you throughout the treatment. Please be sure you fill out and bring the forms on the Forms page to your first session.

You do not need to have someone accompany you during the infusion, but we do require that someone drive you home. We advise you not to drive a car or make important decisions until the following morning.

Occasionally patients experience some nausea following an infusion. If so, we have medication that will help. More rarely, a patient may experience a transient headache. Patients can expect to be tired following the infusion. Very, very rarely patients already at risk for seizure have reportedly experienced one. If you have a seizure disorder please be sure to share that information with Dr. Fleming prior to your therapy.

Please do not eat during the last four hours before your ketamine treatment. Please do continue to drink fluids and hydrate yourself up til one hour before your treatment.

Following the initial series of infusions, most patients will work with Dr. Fleming to begin a maintenance program; returning for single infusions intermittently. The interval between maintenance infusions varies from patient to patient.

Because ketamine therapy for mood and anxiety disorders is recent and still viewed as experimental, insurance companies do not provide reimbursement.

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Ketamine Treatment

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